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“CDsmart saves us precious time that we can now invests in important services. Making CD entries is not a tedious task anymore and the support from the CDsmart team is outstanding.” - Sergio Caminero, Lincolnshire Coop Group

“CDsmart has transformed how we manage CDs both within our branches and in our wider organisation. Managers have reported huge time savings, especially when conducting balance checks. We have improved Head Office visibility across our group and the local CDAOs are delighted. The rollout was seamless and the CDsmart team continue to be very responsive, often implementing suggestions within hours! I have no hesitation in recommending CDsmart.” - Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy Group, Phil Galt, MD & Superintendent Pharmacist

“CDsmart is one of the most valuable changes we have made. It has significantly reduced the amount of time taken to process CDs and is so simple to use. No-one shirks away from CD entries and once the details are registered once, it literally takes seconds to complete each one. The bulk check has reduced the time taken to do weekly balance checks by three quarters and it can be done on a tablet which is extremely handy. ” - SMS Pharmacy, Manchester

“Not all of my colleagues could be trusted to record in the CD register some of the staff made mistakes such as using incorrect registers, wrong maths, invoices used to be left in the corner building up throughout the day the pre-reg used to dread spending the last hour making entries. Now it's a doddle, as a manager, I no longer need to ask my staff to enter as they automatically  enter the CD and it really does involve the whole team as it's almost fool proof. ” - IQ Pharmacy, Bury

“Loving using the register. There is now a fight to see who gets to write them up rather than a fight not to!” - JP Mackie Pharmacy, Glasgow

“On average so far, we are saving 10 minutes a day on entries. In a year we have worked out that this amounts to 40 hours. One staff's full time hours!” - Currie's Chemist, Wyke

“My staff love CDsmart and what was a chore before has become almost a pleasure. It saves time and is a ray of sunshine in the shadow of pharmacy cuts and increased admin.” - Hive Pharmacy, Staines

“I no longer dread CD's. Your product has not only created time, but reduced my stress! Your support team are so friendly and efficient.” - Ashton's Pharmacy, Bolton

“CDsmart is brilliant. I have been using the CD register and it allows you to enter CDs in and out very easily with no hassle. Has many other interesting features as well! Excellent customer service!” - Harbs Pharmacy, Ealing

The smart way to inspect

There’s nothing worse than trawling through pages and pages of tattered registers full of mistakes and illegible handwriting.


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